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New report: Tax measures in response to COVID-19

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Governments around the world are introducing tax measures to support companies who are financially affected by covid-19. In an extensive report, which is regularly updated, PwC offers information on current measures.

Update 09-04-2020:

The number of countries included in the report is now 116.

Go to report website: Navigate tax measures in response to COVID-19

New tax measures are now being introduced on an ongoing basis around the world. In PwC's report, we list all the countries’ tax measures that have been proposed and implemented. We are updating the report regularly with additional and changed tax measures.

In the report there are also links to explanatory webinars and other useful information.

Go to report website: Navigate tax measures in response to COVID-19

You will find the newest version of the report on PwC’s website where we share up to date information on business consequences of covid-19.

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Fredrik Nilsson

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