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Paying Taxes 2017 – comparison of the tax systems in 190 global economies

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Paying Taxes_2017.jpgPaying Taxes 2017 is a cooperative research publication produced by PwC and the World Bank with the aim of comparing the tax systems in 190 countries around the world through the application of a case study company. The report measures and compares the tax burden and time spent on complying with the tax system in the various countries.

As expected, Sweden ranks high in terms of the amount of levied taxes and, at the same time, is a relatively simple country in terms of complying with the tax system, as seen from a global perspective.

Further information is found on www.pwc.com/payingtaxes where, amongst other things, there is an interactive model allowing you to choose the specific countries and regions you want to compare.

Read the report "Paying Taxes 2017"

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Kim Jokinen

Kim Jokinen

Kim Jokinen arbetar med nationell och internationell företagsbeskattning på PwC i Stockholm med särskilt fokus på strategifrågor. Kim är ansvarig för affärsområdet Tax Reporting & Strategy inom PwC Sverige.
010-212 49 08
Kim Jokinen works with national and international corporate taxation at PwC’s office in Stockholm, specialising in Tax Transparency. Kim is in charge of Tax Reporting & Strategy for PwC Sweden.
+46 10 212 49 08

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