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Automated tax function – some tips along the way

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Automated tax functionAll companies and organizations are facing major challenges in pace with the ever accelerating technological development we are currently experiencing. PwC’s report series, Tax Function of the Future – A Focus on Today, discusses how companies can implement new systems to utilize artificial intelligence and automation in order to facilitate and enhance the effectiveness of the work of their tax functions.

PwC’s rapport ”Your Tax function – Automated and Empowered” is the fourth report in PwC’s report series – Tax Function of the Future – A Focus on Today. In this report we focus on how smaller automation tools can deliver smart and quick solutions to deal with the tax function’s challenges. The purpose of these tools is to release personnel capacity and time, and to transform the tax function into a more proactive function, contributing even more value added to the organization.

Read the report ”Your Tax function – Automated and Empowered”

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Kim Jokinen

Kim Jokinen

Kim Jokinen arbetar med nationell och internationell företagsbeskattning på PwC i Stockholm med särskilt fokus på strategifrågor. Kim är ansvarig för affärsområdet Tax Reporting & Strategy inom PwC Sverige.
010-212 49 08
Kim Jokinen works with national and international corporate taxation at PwC’s office in Stockholm, specialising in Tax Transparency. Kim is in charge of Tax Reporting & Strategy for PwC Sweden.
+46 10 212 49 08

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